Im a horrible blogger!

Okay, so i have not been around for numerous reasons. I have been very busy with school, getting a job, and maintaining my personal life. I have tried to post “good morning” posts but it is hard: i have a bus to catch for one and for two the posts do not upload by the time i need to leave!

I can tell you now that my life it has been stressful and complex. You would think that since i am going through a pretty rough time i would have a lot of inspiration but honestly i don’t. I have not had the time to write and when i do my mind is mainly focused on my everyday problems. However, there are times where i am ready to sit down, write, and post. I have the topics of what i want to talk about in my mind but i can’t seem to find the words. I feel isolated,  my mind feels clogged and i feel as if it is time to get out in the world and explore. New Orleans is a wonderful city but living in this area for so long has become boring to me. I have no enthusiasm to explore this wonderful city and that saddens me. I don’t know if this is weird but i feel as if i am ready to see what the world wants me to and go wherever the flow takes me. See, i am the type of person that likes to learn with experience: I want to feel in the moment, think in the moment and grasp all aspects of that moment! I don’t want to sit back and watch someone else experiencing the moment because i can’t fully understand and feel that way. I believe that me staying in one place has my mind in one general mind frame which is why i can’t write the way i want to. Does this make any sense??

As for my New Year’s resolution, i am actually accomplishing many of my goals!! How awesome is that right? I am proud of myself in so many ways! I do have problems maybe more than the average person but im growing into a better Randi. By the time i go to college i should be in a better place ready to take on the world. :)

Guys i am so ready and excited that is radiates through me!! I love you all and i promise i will try my hardest to post! Maybe it is time i take a break and get my mind where i feel it should be so that i can write with passion.
~Namaste all~



Happy Sunday!


Goody morning my lovely aliens! I wanted to be a giver of this photo so we can all keep in mind: giving is one act that makes the world go around. Most likely you will receive something in return and who does not like that right? Sometimes you don’t of course and we should never forget that either. I am not saying to just give because of what you will receive but give because you want to. Give because it makes you feel good. I wanted to give you good vibes and inspiration this morning and hopefully it reaches out to you. Blessed Be All!

Tumblr? Twitter?

So you guys i am breaking out of my shell and so far i am loving it. One way i am doing this is by involving myself in more social networks. Yes, this is something new for me!
I have a tumblr now! I made that today and i am excited!! Maybe a little bit too much but i can not help it!
I have also made a twitter. I made that a couple weeks ago and i am so into it. I do not have many followers (lol) but that is okay.

So, if any of you have a tumblr or a twitter please leave a comment below so i can follow you or follow me on twitter @MISkRandi and on tumblr @themindofaralien

I want to get to know some of you and expand my friend list. I am open to many things and i want to see what you guys have to say! So hit me up :)

Goody morning post!


Hallo and goody morning to all the aliens out there!
I’m going to try to start posting some inspirational and motivational posts every morning! It helps me but maybe it will inspire and help you all too!

Know that time heals almost everything so give the time some time. If you are going through trial and tribulations everything will fall in place in due time. Everything happens for a reason even if you can not seem to grasp the reason why it happens. Just remember that time will always be there to place a bandage over your wounds. Time is like a natural Neosporin! Lol